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Spa packages

An ancient foot massage to stimulate nerve reflexes of the feet.  Recommended for healing of stress, circulatory problems and elimination of toxin.

(Rate:  RM70* per person)

Foot Therapy - 45min

Balinese Body Aromatherapy - 60min

Uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy oils to stimulate the blood circulation.  Works deeply to soothe damaged tissue and relieve strained muscles.  Balinese massage aims to relieve wide range of ailments, such as migraine, muscles and joint pain, stress, depression and asthma.  The use of aroma oils is calming and relaxing.

(Rate:  RM110* per person)

Relaxation Massage - 45min

Be prepared to feel smothered in relaxation for this upper-body massage soothes you from every direction.  Suitable for tense and stressed muscles especially after a hard day’s work or a physical outdoor activity.

(Rate:  RM80* per person)

Pedicure & Manicure - 60min

Treat yourself and partner to a manicure or pedicure in a comfortable and soothing atmosphere.  Besides getting your nails trimmed, letting yourself relax while your nails are buffed and polished helps you unwind after a long day.

Come and indulge; not only will your hands and feet look clean and attractive, they will feel better too!

(Rate:  RM85* per person)
Pedicure or Manicure is available separately at RM40* per session.

Manis-Manis Special Therapy - 90min

Make sure you try this signature massage of Manis-Manis Nature Resort & Spa.   This therapy allows you to enjoy a combination of three massage techniques of the Balinese (palm), Lomi-Lomi (arm) and Shiatsu (finger tips).    Immerse yourself in a total spa experience with this sweetly arranged series of treatments.

(Rate:  RM150* per person)

Refreshing Treat - 75min

A deep cleansing foot ceremony and foot massage will be followed by a 20-minute herbal bath and concludes with a choice of Balinese massage or facial.

(Rate:  RM165* per person)

Manis-Manis Couple Retreat - 120min

Enjoy this “sweet-sweet treatment” specially designed for couples.  Two hours of indulgence designed to purify your body and soul.  An exfoliating body scrub is performed after a foot bath and pampering continues with a romantic floral bath followed by a relaxing body massage.

(Rate:  RM370* per couple)

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*All the above rates are inclusive of tax

Body Scrub + Balinese Body Massage - 90min

Choose between the Royal Lulur, Himalayan Salt Glow or Coffee Scrub for your body scrub before enjoying the traditional healing Balinese massage. 

Royal Lulur - Made from rice powder, turmeric and cinnamon used by the Javanese Royal beauties will soften, refine and rejuvenate your skin. 

Himalayan Salt Glow - Mineral rich salt with rose water.  Applied using small circular strokes, removes dead cells, improves blood circulations and help eliminating toxin.

Coffee Scrub - This aromatic scrub, made with a blend of finely grounded coffee and rice powder and scented with pandan and kaffir lime, will smoothen your skin and elevates your mood. 

(Rate:  RM180* per person)