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Selamat datang or welcome to

Manis Manis Nature Resort & Spa

Are you tired of….

- the city’s hustle and bustle?
- the smog, the noise and all the usual commotion? 
- watching the same TV programs over and over? 
- your daily routine and needed a break?

    At Manis Manis Nature Resort & Spa, we have the perfect antidotes for you. You are invited to a place where serenity and tranquillity still exist, a place to revitalize, rejuvenate, to feel the earthly peace and appreciate what nature has to offer. Whether you are looking for relaxation and pampering, corporate team building, company retreats, seeking adventure, weekend camping trip or simply family bonding vacation, our humble but amazingly sweet inland cove is an ideal vacation and weekend-get-away sanctuary for everyone.

    Nestled in a serene valley surrounded by luscious secondary forests, Manis Manis Nature Resort & Spa is located approximately 60km and reachable in less than an hour luxury drive from downtown Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah, Malaysia.

    Manis Manis Nature Resort & Spa offers many in-house packages such as Wedding, Spa, Romantic, Nature Dinner Package, Team Building Packages, Adventure Packages and more. Do check out our M.I.C.E facility. Come visit us in slippers, shorts and hiking boots to experience our hospitality and discover many o
    f the hidden treasures here